Ron Moore seemed overwhelmed by the complex array of plot threads he'd created and left dangling over 3+ seasons and the mini so as he set about to write his finale he switched from seeking to explain the story to giving us a telenovela.

Here are some other sample titles we could use:La Verdad Oculta (The Hidden Truth)
Querida Enemiga de Roboto- (Dearest Robot Enemy)

Here is Moore's exact quote:

"In the writers’ room, we spent the first day [of breaking that episode] in a lot of difficulty, a lot of frustration. We sort of knew what the plot was, we knew the action story, we knew the plot of the finale. We spent that whole first day just struggling with the mechanics of the plot, how you got from A to B. We were spinning our wheels. I went home and I was in the shower and I had this “Duh” moment – the show was never about that. That’s not why I love the show. It’s not about the plot. I went into the writers’ room the next day and wrote on the big dry-erase board, 'It’s the characters, stupid,' and the writers laughed and we all sat back and said, 'Who gives a [expletive] about the plot? Let’s just talk about these characters.'”

SciFi's big ad campaign has been You Will Know the Truth .... will we?

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Potiphar Breen said...

Moore should have whiteboarded this:

"It's the stupid plot!"

A committee cannot tell a story without competent leadership.

No one has looked at this storyline, including RDM, from the point of view of the VIEWER at home!

You know, the loyal fans who DO take the time to follow the storyline AND enjoy the individual characters development.

Think I will watch 'Caprica' if the telenovella formula is perpetuated?