Christina Hendricks of Mad Men would be a perfect choice for Wonder Woman, as aintitcoolnews is reporting that the Danish director who's probably going to get the WW gig (Nicolas Winding Refn) wants her - article here ... she may be 36 but it is Wonder Woman, not Wonder Tween ... we'll see how he does with the Logan's Run remake - he's already cast the perfect actor in the role of Logan - Ryan Gossling.


Potiphar Breen said...

I see Ryan Gosling - because he has a neat hard edge to his persona - playing the Richard Jordan character in the movie, Logan's friend, who goes after him when he becomes a runner. You see that too, don't you?

As an homage to the original, I would cast Logan with a younger Brit or Aussie actor with an accent similar to Michael York's...call me nostalgic friend Radii.

Have any in mind for a Logan with that accent?

radii said...

You know what, that brilliant James McAvoy would make a good Logan - you are right. Karl Urban or Chris Pine could do the Richard Jordan character well. If you've never seen Smokin' Aces, it is a terrific high-style actioner and Chris Pine does a really superb gritty, evil character part

Potiphar Breen said...

Yep Radii, James McAvoy was my secret pick too.

And the girl...who could it be...many to choose from..

I loved Jenny Agutter so much, still do...


OH, and let me know when you see Cowboys & Aliens...all the trailers look great, no?