Think you've seen and heard it all before? You have, and done much better. This show is a colossal bore - the worst mixture of Jericho, Red Dawn, the original V, and countless other post-apocalyptic sci-fi. It tries to lift from Independence Day, the reboot of Battlestar Galactica, a few Stephen King stories, but fails. The show looks cheap, for starters, and the Library Guy (Noah Wyle)  is much better in those mystical Library movies because he isn't hampered as he is here with mountains of cliches and story and scenes that go nowhere that no actor could overcome. 

Plot-wise, you see a bunch of dirty people spewing hackneyed dialog as they wander about and do stupid things and you can almost name the show or movie or story they stole this scene from, or that line of dialog - and everything just seems so obvious. TNT should dump this show and just rerun The Lost Room - that was a good show.


Potiphar Breen said...

Falling Skies is much like Walking Dead - long, drawn out, secondary plot driven, almost soap opera-ish IMHO.

Not enough sci-fi effects and ship/alien content if you ask me...too much family drama, dull and predictable situations, no sustaining shock value, and so on.

What gets me the most - actor-wise - is using the super dull and effete Noah Wyle in the lead, picking up right where he left off in the latter years of E.R. Yawn, ho-hum, and meh.

And easy-on-the-eyes Moon Bloodgood, well, suffice it to say that she's no Rhona Mitra (as in Doomsday movie, Nip/Tuck tv, anything really).

I blame writer/director Frank Darabont (think The MIST, GREEN MILE) for the Walking Dead's slovenly pace and lack of gotcha-drama even though the character actors are most capable and the zombie sfx are good enough.


P.S. I miss the Lost Room too!

I remember when the very early promos called it "Motel Man" which would have really, really sucked.

radii said...

I read Lost Room was a pilot miniseries that didn't get picked up ... it was so good, so perfect, as a miniseries I'm kind of glad they left it alone ... but it would be nice if more people knew how good that was - tight story, terrific casting, good effects, good pacing, terrific reveals

Anonymous said...

Still sucks even more...I turned the channel to watch a reality show...was better!