Haven't been posting much ... had a little trip for a surgery (which went well). Now that my health issues are taken care of, I will finally get the LOST and BSG stories done by the end of this year. BBC America is gonna start showing BSG mini and later seasons soon.


Potiphar Breen said...

Sorry I have been ill too my friend...wish I had your email address as I still have a prob with posting on this site.

I am a health care professional by trade and wonder what your operation was all about.

If there is some other way to write to each other let me know somehow.


radii said...

I had SCDS - superior canal had a hole in it and affected balance - required a *gasp* craniotomy ... I recommend people don't have one by choice ... but I found an amazing doctor and now am in Round 15 of the appeals process with my greedy, lying, evil, scummy health insurance company to get them to pay for any of it ... Pots, are you in L.A.?

Potiphar Breen said...

I lived in Venice Beach right down by
the pier and across from the Marina City Club towers but that was too long ago... I did meet many movie folk and developed related contacts then and messed around at Laird Studios (lets see how good you are at tracking down that one radii) and taught classes right by some of the other adjacent big name studios.

Now alas I am in...wait for it, wait for it...mid-Central California, and not the good part too I must mention - if you know what I mean.

Best years of my life, those Venice years.

Potiphar Breen said...

Rad, agree with you about the insurance company and I could tell you some horrors...

Craniotomy is not something you want to have on a regular basis but you do need your balance, hearing, and wits about you in the greater LA area (amongst other places) if nothing else but to get around and make a living and have fun.

Well, more or less.

Anywho, I hope you are much much better my friend!

radii said...

I almost moved to Venice beach area many years ago, then found a place in Santa Monice then never moved, go figure ... yes, you have to pay attention out here in L.A. with all the trendoids texting while driving/walking/dining/breathing and carrying their pets-as-props everywhere nowadays ... Poti, you're not in glamorous Fresno? If you're anywhere near the ocean or greater S.F. you've got some civilized people around ... Didn't know Culver Studios was called Laird (and a bunch of other names) until I looked it up ... wonder if the old Desilu cameras are still there from the I Love Lucy show in some wherehouse ... as my cousin said about craniotomy's: "you know, that's when they put in the alien implant" - heh-heh

Potiphar Breen said...

Close enough to the glamorous area you mention!

But I am pissed.

I wrote three long and detailed responses to each of your entries above and they were received by this goddam blogger site as usual BUT NEVER POSTED AT ALL!

So I will have to figure out what's going on or start writing responses in MS Word and then do the old cut-n-paste until they are posted.

Too bad, I had some cool stuff to comment on with you here. All lost.

Gots to go 4 now my friend,


radii said...

sorry the comment thing isn't working properly - you always have something worthwhile to say