Well the dark and gloomy aesthetic of Ron Moore's version of Battlestar Galactica has spawned a copy. The Stargate franchise (which has gone on about 5 years too long already) is now set to air Stargate Universe [or SGU] and it features a crew trapped on a vessel trying to get home (kind of Voyager meets BSG 2003). It looks like it will be well-made but I think the SGU creators came a little too late to the dank-and-dreary party for the fans with taste. Probably this will be a hit among the mainstream because they are always years behind.


Potiphar Breen said...

Yo, radii

Right on...more Stargate 'Generations' crapola...too much falsetto comedy, not enough engaging science fiction!

(...although I did like the original Stargate MOVIE very much)

Only Robert Carlyle would bring me to watch the first episode.

I Say:
Bring back FireFly/Serenity and Farscape and Lexx; Keep Dr. Who too.

Bring back Primeval!

Brits and Aussies (NZers too) just seem do it best unless RDM green lights it.

Thanx for letting me get that offa my chest, friend radii.

(the new SyFy name-logo-programming-and slogan, is still so darn lame...AND scifi WRESTLING stays on??)

radii said...

Yeah, best alien costumes and makeup ever has to be from Farscape - such creativity in Sydney

SyFy Channel and wrestling - that's a real head-scratcher ... I wonder what audience research led to that ... you'd think they'd at least put them in superhero short-shorts for all that ass-grabbing to target their market better

What is most ridiculous at the Battlestargate SGU is the Seth Rogan character they put at the middle of it - that will fall flat no doubt

Anonymous said...

"Bring back FireFly/Serenity" - hell yes.