Yikes. Not only did Sci-Fi Channel, now SyFy (ugh) make us wait and wait and wait for BSG Season 4 then Season 4.5, now they are pushing back the telemovie The Plan to 2010, which is where they've already pushed Caprica. The Plan may even go direct-to-DVD and never air, and I've read that Caprica production has been suspended (possibly due to bad scripts). Boy, from a Peabody Award for the brilliance of the mini through Season 2.5 to this. Ron Moore really killed his Golden Goose when he checked out mentally on BSG around mid-Season 3.


Anonymous said...

What was the anomaly by Moore, the good episodes at the beginning or the bad ones at the end?

Potiphar Breen said...


Stargate Universe
Destination Truth
Warehouse 13
Scare Tactics

Pitooti, that SyFy lineup is a total waste of time IMHO.

Why do they write and produce this utter crap, radii??

So, guess I will hunt down all of the British/Aussie/NZ stuff and even watch the new Robin Hood if I must...plus watch old episodes of original Star Trek except I know them all by heart almost and I will seek out the original Outer Limits also. "Thriller" with Boris Karloff? (not Michael Jackson folks)

Mystery Science Theater 3000, why did you have to go?

radii said...

Isn't it strange that there is actually a science fiction channel but it has such crap when there are thousands of episodes and films out there worth watching?

SyFy (formerly Sci-Fi) spends like twelve dollars to make these terrible pieces of crap like Rock Monster and Mansquito and then makes like 100 times the money back on their ad time they sell, hence the shit-pile on their channel.

The market could support 25 science-fiction/horror channels. They could just have a Star Trek channel for crying out loud, and a Creature Feature channel for old shlocky (but fun) horror movies, a teen slasher channel, a Godzilla channel, an anime channel, and so on. But imagination is a rare commodity indeed in the world of entertainment business - it is actually looked upon as a threat to the bottom line. Lowest common denominator is the rule and the first couple of seasons of RDM's Battlestar Galactica somehow stepped outside those bounds.

Even if they did a Star Trek channel, way too much air-time would be given to Enterprise and Star Trek V, Insurrection and the crappy stuff.

Potiphar Breen said...

Radii, the title of that first new fall season movie on the "SIFFY" channel would most likely be "IGNOMINIOUS REX" starring Corin Nemic and Traci Lords.

Well, Traci Lords is OK, especially her earlier work...


Lets hope that The Plan will bring back the good old days, radii!

radii said...

I think The Plan will disappoint. Now that we know it's angels and Mitochondrial Eve I can't say I really care how they put Ellen on a shuttle or why Boomer wants to have sex with Cavil. What would have been cool is seeing through the Cylons' eyes - how they perceive things, their beliefs from their perspective and how alien humans seem to them. But I expect a lame Jane Espensen episode with way too many soapy relationship scenes and not much to illuminate what made the Cylons tick to their core.

Corin Nemic ... isn't he working at Trader Joe's now?

Potiphar Breen said...

Agreed again my friend, except for one small ray of hope:

Dean Stockwell!

I thought I read somewhere that he has some script or scenario input but, now that I think about it, HE ATE HIS GUN without a neer-thee-adieu...

OH FRAK...we really are frakked!

radii said...

Yeah, Espensen will probably give us a gratuitous scene of Cavil incestuously receiving his first "swirl" from Ellen rather than exploring the mindset of Cavil and how his contempt for humans developed and grew and making best use of the considerable talents of Stockwell

Potiphar Breen said...

Could Ellen possibly be a "cougar?"

An episode of "Sex and the Single Oil?"

A possible original "Grease?"

Well, at least if that happens perhaps we can get to see where the original 'Marvel Mystery Oil" was made!

I know...I know...pathetic!

"Potty - Far Been" said...

(formally Potiphar Breen as renamed by SyFy channel marketing wordsmiths)

RE: Stargate Universe

About what I expected.

Too much emphasis on lesser actors and of course that Eli schmuck.

Well we do have to keep the Canadians in work now, don't we?

radii said...

The Canadians' best work were those Outer Limits episodes from 90s (and Shatner on tos Star Trek). Love those. A real who's who of guest stars.