I say a hearty YES to this development. Singer has a sleek and refined visual sense and the core elements of the story remain strong. After Ron D. Moore's version went straight down to the gutter from the once lofty heights of the mini and 1st and 2nd seasons, I welcome a new interpretation by a fine director ... anything to get the bad taste out of my mouth from that terrible Season 4 and ridiculous and idiotic finale to the RDM version!


Anonymous said...

Maybe Baltar will be a straight-up villain this time and not some mamby-pamby cult leader with groupies who ends being (gulp) - an *angel*

Potiphar Breen said...

Please radii, don't frack up THIS ending, pleeeeeeeezzzzzeee!

Repeat this mantra:

"I know nothing, I know nothing..."


Thanks for the movie recon tip!

Anonymous said...

Was wondering what your thoughts were going to be - and I agree completely, radii: "...anything to get the bad taste out of my mouth from that terrible Season 4...". Indeed.

Anonymous said...

It's funny cos you all lick Radii's arse. This is an awful thing to do, stop pretending you are up for this to go into production.

radii said...


the only ass-licking (arse to you Brits) is done by the Lexx as I recall

if Singer can do for Battlestar what he did for the X-Men, it will make a terrific film ... and it sounds like Larson and he plan to focus on the initial war against the Colonies