This is the slo-mo clip from Sci-Fi, showing the faces they tease as the possible Final Cylon: Helo, Zarek, Dualla, Gaeta, Baltar, Kara, Lee, Roslin, Adama. The points of intersection (with SyFyPortal's list - see next post) are Gaeta, Roslin and Lee. My original choices, going back to the early seasons (once we learned of the Final Five) were Roslin and Baltar. Secondary choices were Gaeta, Dualla, Ellen and Zak Adama. Since Sci-Fi always gives away the store in their teasers, the faces they've shown must be considered legit. As portrayed by Ron Moore and company, Lee is the stalwart human, the light Yang to Baltar's dark Yin, so both of them seem to be knocked out of the running. Sci-Fi doesn't show Ellen or Callie, as SyFyPortal does, so that leaves Gaeta and Roslin. Gaeta was foreshadowed in Guess What's Coming to Dinner and Roslin has been foreshadowed at least twice. So it's Roslin or Gaeta. I hope for Roslin, but I expect Gaeta.

Now, you may have noticed that for the first time the teaser trailer begins, transitions and ends with a white background, whereas black has been the constant until now. Perhaps the Ship of Lights subplot from the original series will be worked in?

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