Well, it looks as though calculated bleakness awaits for the final episodes of Battlestar Galactica based upon the above trailer broadcast on Canada's Space channel. Here is the gist of what was in the trailer in case you missed it:
Anders hears something on the beach and turns ... Tory finds a living plant ... Tyrol "remembers" something while sitting next to a building foundation (a temple?) ... Tigh is in a dark place and says "There must be some kind of a way out of here" ... Adama crawls through a sub-floor or a tunnel with pipes in it ... We see the number 39,651 ... Roslin stands alone in a Raptor as the door closes ... Adama carries a gun and is looking for something or someone ... Galactica crew sit in a corridor smoking below graffiti that reads "Frak Earth" ... Lee and Kara kiss and the Sharons seem to be groping Athena ... Roslin says to Adama "If you're a Cylon, I'd like to know," and Adama replies, "If I'm a Cylon, you're really screwed" ... Quick flashes of the Cylons we know, lots of brandishing of guns, the Zarek coup subplot (to Adama) "If you try shoving an alliance with the Cylons down our throat there will be consequences" ... Caprica Six, Athena and Anders are in the brig and worried they'll be killed ... Gaeta tells Zarek, "I never agreed to this," "Yes you did," Zarek replies, to which Gaeta answers, "No, this is murder!" ... Kara and Leoben tromp through a wooded area and she reminds him that the Hybrid told her she would lead humanity to its end ... On the Base Star Tory says, "Fate has been all but decided" ... Then we see Adama accompanied by Marines with Lee carrying weapons down a corridor ... Anders (Lee?) says, "Shoot me now" ... Adama and Roslin kiss but it's not romantic ... Lee and Kara aim guns ... More of the Baltar religious guru stuff, "What have you done to deserve this punishment?" he asks his followers ... We see a burning book of Pythia, probably Kara at her funural pyre ... Kara says to Adama, "They're the enemy" ... Laura shouts (with spooky echo) "I'm coming for all of you" ... Final shot of Adama, tied and blindfolded with a note pinned to his chest.
I'm sure it will be very entertaining, but it looks like the fleet fractures, despair takes hold, and the dazzling promise of the miniseries and early episodes gives way to thematic darkness and cynicism. It's going to be a dirge of drum-and-bass for our crescendo - with very few soaring strings, horns, or woodwinds. And, Roslin, is that a resurrection tank reflected in your glasses? (And is that cider I smell on your breath dear?)


Anonymous said...

"Lee says, "Shoot me now"
Not Lee, its Anders.

"Then we see Adama accompanied by Marines with Lee (or Doral) in cuffs being led down a corridor ..."
Its Lee and he, isnt cuffed he is carrying a gun.

And the guy who is captured when Gaeta says "i never ageered to this" is Anders. His black watch is a giveaway and his shirt is the same as is in the next scene in the brig.

So, Lee is Ok, Anders is in deep shit, and Zarek is the main villian for now.

radii said...

You are right about Lee carrying a weapon (watched it frame by frame to confirm) - I'll change that in the post.

The voice sounds Like Lee's but the eyebrows look more like Anders' so you may be right about that too.

Good eye.

Anonymous said...

Lol, it turned out to be chief Tyrol. Thats his nose. :)

Rambling Johnny said...

Adama facing a firing squad or maybe he is getting toss out an airlock! Remember that Adama was the first to talk about earth...