The new Sci-Fi Battlestar Clue site has an audio clip of Leoben and Kara finding her other body. The fact that Leoben doesn't know what it is must mean that he is not responsible for growing a new Kara. If she is another version of herself she is a Cylon or a clone. If a clone, who re-grew her if not Leoben? How? And why? And if they actually make her the Final Cylon, why is it the hundreds of Cylons she fought (Raiders, Centurions, etc.) never recognized her?

In the teaser for season 4.5 there is a shot of a bunch of Sharons giving Boomer a rubdown - oops, nope, that is not what is happening - it looks upon closer inspection that Tyrol's hammy hand is holding something and aiming for Athena-Sharon's neck as she runs and holds Hera.

And then we have Adama, bound, blindfolded and a note pinned to his chest as he is threatened with being air-locked out into space. Who would do this? He's not the Final Cylon, so it's not the humans. Do they actually kill Adama? Maybe. More likely it's yet another game of brinkmanship and Cylons reach a deal and Adama is spared - perhaps it is Roslin's ultimatum as hinted at in another teaser.


ACyclcUniverse said...

That's not a note pinned to Adama's chest. When positioned in front of a firing squad, individuals are blindfolded and a white cloth or piece of paper is placed above the condemned's heart. This is to provide a large, clearly visible target for the executioners.

So Adama's in an airlock in front of a firing squad for easy disposal of the body i suppose. Why drag it to the morgue when you can just press a button and whisk it off into space?

radii said...

I won't quibble with your historical analysis of the use of a target marker, but being super-human, one wonders why Cylons would need the help ... so that leaves the Zarek coup plotters as possible culprits for putting Adama in the airlock ... the pieces keep stitching together

James said...

Really interesting article but not sure on the amount of over-analysis I have seen on the web, especially in relation to the 'last supper' image.

Roll on next year for the series to restart!

Ps - who's the final cylon then? I think it's the Doc!