The Ties That Bind - Episode Review

[Alt titles: Requiem for Callie and Valley of the Doll] Ooh. Clumsy dialogue this episode, and some forced scenes. A misfire this time out. Even BSG can't be perfect every time. Dark finish - and they need to tone down the trailers for the upcoming week's episodes because you knew Tory was going to do it.

Callie wakes from a restless night, finds her bed empty - then Callie finds Tyrol with Tory at the Galactica bar - Tory is a liberated girl now and feeling free. Lee has a press conference, the media broaches the question about Kara's mission on the Demetrius. Roslin rebukes Adama for that privately.

Kara has quite a supporting crew on that ship: Gaeta(!), Sharon, Helo, Seelix and Anders and some cute young guy who no doubt will get killed (think Star Trek red shirt).Yet there is this exchange: "You know everything you need to know, private, so stow the questions." ... er, that was Kara to Anders.

Doc Cottle reassures Callie. Kara takes up painting again - creating a map from her vision since her erratic jump coordinates aren'tgetting them any closer. Zarak makes his play for Lee's support - slipping him a classified document. Lee falls for it, and exposes an executive order on secret tribunals. Roslin masterfully outplays him and this viewer is wondering WHY are they wasting time with this subplot? Lee would be that easily manipulated?

The Cavils, Simons and Dorals (the latter two unseen) take up residence on their own Base Stars and the Sixes, Sharons and Leobens (no paycheck for Callum Keith Rennie either this week - unseen) on theirs. There is discussion, a deal, and the Cavils double-cross, of course (no resurrection ship came along to new jump coordinates), and seemingly blow up the 2/6/8 Base Stars (keeping track of the numbers people?). Hmmm, the Hybrids have no say? All the metal models disembarked first?

Callie finds a note for Tyrol stuck in the door (!?!?) with the time and place of the next TTT&A meeting - oh, that's right Anders is on the Demetrius ... (the final four out of five Cylons would be that careless?). Callie winds her way through the walls of the Galactica to get into a position to overhear the TTT meeting - you've seen the trailer "skin jobs." Callie makes noise, meeting breaks up, Tory finds evidence of Callie's presence.

Callie has a breakdown and grabs her baby and goes to an air-lock and is ready to space it, and herself maybe. Tory shows up and Rekha Sharma finally puts a little emotion into her acting and reassures Callie enough that she drops her guard. Backhand! And that's a wrap Nicki Cline - check's in the mail.

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