He That Believeth In Me - Review

A fast start out of the gate for BSG in Season 4, Episode 1. Overall, excellent. Battle, Baltar, Kara returns, Roslin seeks Six's counsel, ToriTyrolTigh&Anders (TTT&A) commune, Brand new Viper and Time differential for Kara, Kara feels jumps, Kara seems extra powerful - er, bionic even - overpowers guards and Anders and is ready to kill Roslin - fin.

Baltar sub-plot with the girl groupies ... kinda lame so far, but the knowing look Head-Six gave him after he "healed" the boy ... hmmm. Is "God's plan" finally falling into place and Head-Six goes from lover to mother?

Battle sequence at the open - excellent ...
HOWEVER, why are the Cylons attacking sometimes and not others? At the Algae planet they could've launched a massive strike just before they jumped away and did not.

Kara seems to have amazing strength when she attacked the guards and Anders, and if it's not a dream sequence then she must be a cylon and that's a rather early reveal for the last of the Final Five. And what about the foreshadowing of Roslin twice? If she is not the final cyclon then what did she hear in the brig and in the C&C those two times prior to Cylons appearing/attacking in earlier episodes? And if the Kara ready to kill Roslin is also a dream - two dream sequences in one episode? The teaser for Ep. 2 makes it look like the Kara attack was real.

The scene with TTT in the background as Roslin pointed out cylons could be right next to them was priceless - excellent camera work - skillful and clever writing and directing.

Why does no character ever ask "What are we fighting for?" It seems at this stage they have more in common than in opposition.

[Ed note: I don't count Razor as part of Season 4]

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