Base Star Galactica?

What would be more interesting? A soap opera with no Cylons, no conflict, no space battles, no familiar characters set 50 years prior to BSG, or seeing the story from the Cylon perspective? Wouldn't it be far more interesting to tell the story from the Cylon side of things, and see it their way? Why do they project? What composes their personalities? Why are they distinct from one another?
Why is Cavil #1? Why do they see the humans as a threat? How do they sense the repeating cycles of time?

USA (NBC-U) could order the series for at least a half season or longer with the same soundstages and some of the same crew and cast (the lesser known actors ... or make it a vehicle for Lucy Lawless if she's not committed elsewhere). Olmos, McDonnell, Sackhoff, Bamber, et al could basically guest star for certain episodes. They could make it as trippy and weird as they wanted visually to give insight into the Cylon view of living - with a built-in fanbase, the show should do well.

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radii said...

Aha! Now the rumor is out that Sci-Fi is ordering up 3 2-hour TV movies ... and confirmed for 10 webisodes inbetween season 4 and 4.5