I guess ever since the Star Trek creators released the first blueprints of the Enterprise way back in the 1970s it has become de rigueur to create such supplements for popular science fiction television and films. So now the BSG team has released their big map of the 12 Colonies. They 'solved' the elephant in the living room of how you have 12 inhabitable worlds in one star system by making it a quad-star system. Ho-hum. If they had wanted to do this right, they would have hired Michael Hall of the much-too-smart-compared-to-the-show Galactica Science website - he would have come up with something truly ingenious. The whole 12 different planets thing always makes me think of this:

Unrelated: I got to meet LOST's Michael Emerson (Ben) the other night (cool guy, of course) and told him about my LOST blog (link is upper right)


Potiphar Breen said...

Always good stuff from you, Radii!

I particularly like what is obviously a BSG-alt timeline photo of the fat chick which I instantly labeled as

"Recruit Starbuck with Issues Starting New Angel Training Camp"

You can't make this stuff up.

Well, yes we can...

Potiphar Breen said...


look at this for Blood & Chrome:


Not at all impressed...go to their link at the concept art...SnowBeasts now?

radii said...

Yikes ... like a bad dream - it just doesn't end ... makes you wonder how much of the great stuff in the mini and first couple of seasons was just an accident what with so many terrible choices which came later in BSG seasons 3 and 4, Bionic Woman, Caprica ...

Clearly the marketing geniuses over at SyFy are aiming for that Young Adult market with the age range and hunk-awwcute-factor of their two leads: BSG meets Twilight (blood-sucking Cylons soon to follow?)

Don't the execs over at SyFy know they are an industry joke? They put Lexx and Farscape on the air (created elsewhere) and that one fellow, Michael Jackson, gave the critical note for Cylon monotheism to be played up on the show and made magic out of BSG for a while.

Thank goodness I have the new Sherlock Holmes on PBS, Sopranos on DVD, and plenty of other good entertainment so I can avoid the next SharktoPUssy Rock King vs. Mansquito Squad on SyFy.