This time it was the SyFy Channel's unceremonious dump of the final five episodes of Caprica. I haven't made it through all of it yet, and wound up watching eps partly out-of-order while selecting during playback (which, strangely, didn't seem to matter), but I was actually far more entertained with these eps than with the earlier shows that came down the pike (or is it Picon?).

Love the dykey chubster schoolmarm monotheism leader-lady - she would be great in an over-the-top comedy (maybe new episodes of Absolutely Fabulous if they make 'em? - she could square off against Mo Gaffney), and the Tauron tattoo-mobster subculture w
as fleshed out and made more tangible but it was still a terrible direction to waste the audience's time in the first place. The whole cop-show subplot was just a needless waste of screen time too (someone on staff is a fan of The Shield?), and the roughneck terrorist trainers were a bore.

They still hadn't
brought together the Robot/Real Zoe/monotheism/Cylon culture strands into anything approaching a satisfactory weave ... and Zoe's Rivendell manifestation was just dumb and then minutes later was penetrated anyway. And who is that other girl? Oh yeah, Esai Morales's character's daughter. Why is she still around? - she is useless, and if it is to bond he and Daniel Graystone as fathers who lost daughters, wasn't that dealt with in the beginning? It's like Nina and Michael say on Project Runway edit edit edit! So much of that junk can be thrown out.

I don't have high hopes for the new BSG entry into the Let's See How Much We Can Fuck Up the Legacy of a Good Show Sweepstakes: the prequel series being developed. To say something positive about these last Capricas, I did think the production values looked quite expensive, and I like seeing Eric Stoltz get work
(his best is Waterdance).


Potiphar Breen said...

Agree with all you said Radii.

And I still can't believe that a scifi fantasy channel would keep wrestling in the mix even after that big shot woman exec. left the network.

Getting pretty pretty sick and tired of having to watch recycled Canadian actors and Saturday movies so lame that I'm thinking about subscribing to the Oprah network in protest.

I'm so glad I grew up in the 60's Radii...

Did you see the trailer for "Falling Skys" yet? TNT, June eta.

radii said...

haven't heard of Falling Skys ... will check that out ... I too grew up in the 60s, so I'm an older Xer ... I feel so sorry for these younger Gen-X, Gen-Y and Millenials ... they seem to know their music sucks and that they've gotten the short stick when it comes to culture ... I've been listening to Cowsills, Dennis Yost and some other old-timey good 60s lately on YouTube (there are finally some really good audio quality versions of a lot of stuff up there now)

radii said...

Here's a link to good version of Cowsills ... such cornball innocent pop (but amazing arrangement and production - very Brian Wilson) and they were the inspiration for Partridge Family ... and notice the teeth before Porcelain veneers became ubiquitous


Potiphar Breen said...

Thanx for the link.

HBO is showing the movie "Pirate Radio" and please check it out if not only for excello Brit acting but also for the songs.

Treat yourself to watching it radii and you won't be disappointed. trust me.


radii said...

I don't even remember hearing about that one ... great cast - Nick Frost and Bill Nighy ... will check it out