The review on io9 of the video release of the telefilm The Plan - the "last" installment of the Ron D Moore version of Battlestar Galactica confirms all of my worst fears. I'm going to take their recommendation and ignore it - there's no point in reheating and making a new sauce for spoiled food.


Potiphar Breen said...

Thanks for the io9 link, radii...

A favor of you I ask:

What are your preferred scifi/ horror/ufo sites you regularly go-to on the web?

I appreciate your excellent judgement and taste so this is no idle request I make.


radii said...

Potiphar, you are too kind

I'm a news, politics and science junkie, so by the time I'm done looking over those sites I check out io9, AintItCoolNews and mostly Digg - which links all kinds of things I like. I also really like DailyGalaxy. I rarely seek out horror, but it gets linked and I'll catch it that way, and I don't regularly check out UFO stuff - it just caught my attention recently because of the excellent program on tv recently I Know What I Saw (History Channel)

Potiphar Breen said...

I just figgered it out, radii:

The BSG ending was so crappy that SyFy (now that's an appropriate moniker for the quality of the channel at present) is actually HOLDING BACK Caprica and The Plan in hopes we all would FORGET the once proud series and the slink-away ending.

But WE won't forget, will we?