Okay, I wound up watching the Stargate SGU 2-hour opener and it was okay. But, really, they should pay royalties to RDM and David Eick, et al. It is one thing to pay homage to good work with your own work, it's quite another to lift another work almost in its entirety. This image of the cast their equivalents sorta sums it up (glad to see that nice kid from Make Me a Supermodel got some work): we get the stereotypical edgy black guy, the Roslin character, the Helo character, Summer Glau slumming, the Baltar ripoff, Apollo, the Seth Rogan type (kill this character quickly please), and Adama.

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danskav said...

First of all, I like SG1 and SGA.
Those 2 series are based on the same system
: a team of super heroes that fix space-planets problems.
Almost all of them have been possesed, captured,
hurted by aliens and they never dies.
Almost all of the planets they visited are
earthlike and everyone (aliens and space humans)
speaks english as if they were in Delaware.
They fight and they win. AND IT'S OK, I LIKE IT.
But we all have to agree, those two series are
teenage-superheroes series, there is nothing serious.
You put your brain off and you watch and you enjoy,
like I do. Stargate Universe is something else.
It's an adult SG series and it's why some people
don't like, it's really different, dot.

In SGU, you have to watch each episodes in ORDER,
like a big movie. In SG1 and SGA you can watch
"almost" any episode at any time and you know that
they are gonna win whatever the odds. SGU is a "realistic"
serie (for SIFI), they are in deep shit, they are is space,
on a old wreck spaceship billions of years from earth.
In space, there is no air or water or food. Nobody to help them,
no SG2 or SG3 team who are gonna deliver pizza to the heroes if they are hungry.

IN SGU characters can die, like in real life. All characters have distinct personalities
and they are miserables, they are in deep shit, they eat crap food, they don't take showers regulary,
the water is rationned etc...
The characters are nor good nor bad, it's difficult for me to
know if Dr. Rush is good or bad, the same about the colonel.
Even General O'neil dosen't look friendly. Everything is grey.
We dont know if peole on earth really want to help the people
stuck on the spaceship or just take the alien technology for themselves.

The plot is really good, the acting is good, the story is great and I hope this serie
is going to continue for a long time. It was a long time since we've encountered an adult, serious
SIFI serie with a lot of potential. 5 on 5.