Summer Speculation - Fif and Final Cylon

In the running for the 5th and Final Cylon are the following, in order of probability: Roslin, Baltar, Zack Adama, Dualla, Gaeta, Lee Adama, Ellen, Kara, Romo, and Bill Adama. It's hard to imagine Ron Moore, et al, picking anyone else not listed. Zack Adama is certainly a stretch since it would be introducing a pivotal character late in the 3rd Act - a cardinal no-no in drama. But comments and spoiler images from San Diego's recent Comic Con [see Triumph the Insult Comic Dog's hilarious take on the overall event here] saw Ron Moore teasing that the Final Cylon is someone we've "seen before," and "not a guest star" and Zack fits both. My other blog BSG Last Supper picks apart the pros and cons. And scanning through YouTube vids came up with these two images an observant person found in an Opera House dream sequence. Athena-Sharon seems to stand next to the Final Cylon as she understands the reason for Hera being taken (her body language is now relaxed and she leans against the wall rather than chasing) and Roslin, on the stage staring down the faces of the Final Five and glaring intently at one (so it must be her face or Bill Adama's to elicit that reaction).

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