SyFyPortal is reporting that the post-series telemovie featuring a story as told from the Cylon perspective is going to star Aaron Douglas - "Chief" Tyrol - as the central character [the other two featured characters are Anders and Cavil, yea for the latter]. Hmmm. Was Lucy Lawless's schedule booked with singing dates? Of all the Cylons, hidden Final Five or otherwise, his storyline was about the least compelling. And did we not get a great deal of Tyrol at the beginning of the series with his relationship with sleeper agent Cylon Boomer? Unless the story focuses on his childhood and his parents' ties to the Temple of Five as compelling backstory to flesh out Cylon motivations, it seems a weird choice. We've gone from possibly three post-series telemovies down to one; Caprica is now a single pilot with maybe a pickup to series; and the latter half of season 4 of BSG looks to be a sad, bleak, heartbreaker according to series star Eddie Olmos. Aren't we sick of calculated bleakness? It's been done to death (pun intended). See my earlier post on the subject here.


angela said...

LOL yes, it does seem like Lucy Lawless is more interested in doing concerts singing than acting lately.

Anonymous said...

Here is a great 'big hair' shot of our beloved Juicy Lucy in one of her songstress guises:


- radii