There Will Be Answers

[revised 7.17.08] SyFyPortal is reporting that the Final Cylon reveal is coming sooner rather than later (probably in the Sometimes a Great Notion ep which will kick off the second half of Season 4). The episodes Revelations and SAGN were shot together and this timing leads to the likelihood of Kara as the Final Cylon. A weird choice in my view given that she's been scanned countless times by Cylon Raiders and they've never recognized her. Also, Katee Sackhoff is the only BSG actor to apply a lot of misdirection: "It would suck," "I'm not it," etc.

Series actor Grace Park is quoted [6.28.08] as saying about future episodes: "There's one episode where everything is explained and I had to read it three times," ... "I had to sit down with Ron Moore and he had to break it down." BRIDGE ISSUE: SETTLED
There has been debate over which bridge is represented in the Revelations mid-season finale. This side-by-side-by-side comparison [Sydney Harbour Bridge left, Brooklyn Bridge right] should put it to rest. It's the Brooklyn bridge. You can see cable remnants dangling from the pier and there are three pylons not two (the middle one leans).

This guy was introduced with the Demetrius story and seemed like a real fascist low-forehead type. He jumped away in the Hub episode's battle (not much of a battle), and what will be his fate? A victim of Cavil's torture skills? One can only hope. [Correction: Ken (see Comments) pointed out that Sine Qua Non and The Hub occur concurrently in the story narrative and the character "Pike" was killed, his story arc simply occurred in reverse order of the episodes. Thanks for that Ken]

This agro ship was seen in recent episodes, but wasn't it destroyed in the miniseries (remember the little girl)? Say, if they had this agro ship why did they run out of food and need to go to the algae planet anyway?


Matthew said...

The fascist low-forehead type redshirt dude was Eammon "Gonzo" Pike. He freaked out in the middle of the fight and tried to jump back to the fleet. Right before jumping his Raptor took a hit through the windscreen, fatally wounding him. In the previous episode (Sine Qua Non) his Raptor apparently managed to jump back to the fleet, giving them the coordinates to the location of the battle. This was the scene where Galactica jumped away from the fleet leaving everyone in a state of panic. In typical redshirt tradition, Pike was DOA.

radii said...

Thanks for your analysis. I'm not so sure he's dead. They spent a fair amount of time showcasing his character and, yes, his Raptor was hit, but he still managed to push that button after it was hit. This is classic foreshadowing - we the audience expect his Raptor to appear somewhere. And since the dialogue said he was too far to "make it back to the fleet" he has to end up somewhere (hence my speculation about Cavil finding him).

ken said...

Watch Sine Qua Non again -- Pike is a glassy-eyed corpse when Racetrack boards his Raptor.

radii said...

Kids, kids -

I watched The Hub again and there is Pike in the battle and getting wounded (not killed) and he jumps away (which is just a red button hit to do evidently)... just prior they mention that the fleet is several jumps away and "you won't make it!"

ken said...

Remember, though, that Sine Qua Non and The Hub take place, more or less, at the same time. So when Pike jumps out of the battle, that corresponds to his jumping in to the vicinity of Galactica in the episode prior.

Here he is, floating and dead in the interior of his Raptor.

As to the fleet being further away, it's entirely possible that the Raptor was programmed to compute and execute each jump in turn.

radii said...

Checked and mated. I resign. I see now that I fast-forwarded where the chyron said "Two days earlier" or some such. I missed that. Thanks.

ken said...

No worries -- love the site and the theories you've put forth, by the way! Thought-provoking, to say the least.

ChrisD said...

If I remember right, there were always supposed to be two of those geo-dome type ships anyway; one with FTL the other without that was lost in the miniseries. Pretty sure its been casually kicking around in background fleet shots all along.