Last Cylon Ghost Visible in Last Supper Image

I think it's new. I don't think I missed it in
my previous analysis of the BSG Last Supper
image. Between Natalie/Tigh and Lee there is an area that moves much the way the now
color-matched pot of burning Kamala moves
in relation to Roslin. The Last Cylon is already in the image - it is just color-matched to the background - and it looks as if it is wearing a cloak - as seen in the Opera House visions. They will turn the image "on" when the show reveals the Last Cylon (over 9 months from now!) Go the the Sci-Fi.com/battlestar page, and after the Last Supper image loads, click on it to activate it, then scroll left and right and you can see the area that is distinct. To quote Miss Swan, "He looka like a man."


Lee said...

I noticed some image-editing artifacts in that space a while back, I wondered if something was going to appear there eventually.

toomanytribbles said...

i saw your post and looked at the picture. yes, there's a face there but i place it at the same level as lee and tigh:

Theo said...

I find it extremely unlikely that there is anything there.

In the scrollable version of the last supper image that you refer to each person has been cut out of the original image separately (perhaps they even were for the original, it's harder to tell). The retouching is not bad, but it's an obvious collage and each person is a separate image, scrolling separately.

Most importantly, the background scrolls at a different speed than the foreground (called parallax scrolling) and is most likely a 3d-rendering (the original photo was almost certainly shot in fron of a green screen). None of the other people in the collage is in the background layer, so if you're seeing things there it isn't artifacts due to a person having been retouched out.

Had there been anything in the foreground it would have been blindingly obvious due to the parallax scrolling, the stray pixels would blink and jitter, just as Helo & Athena do in contrast to Adama (try moving the mouse very slowly back and forth over Adama and you see what I mean).

There is propably a person missing from that space, but considering how the picture was made there is no way that we could tell how the picture will look when it's completed.

And just to make it clear: I actually decompiled the Flash movie to make sure that there was nothing in those pictures. There's a smudge in the background allright, but it's hidden behind D'Anna.

toomanytribbles said...

i added a side-by-side comparison of the area.

radii said...

Thank you for your input theo and -tribbles