Perfect. All depends upon how they play it. Nicks is reported to be scheduled to appear in episode 10 and I believe there are 13 episodes in all. I had hoped Nicks would appear in the final episode after the final showdown between the dark magic and light magic and take over the Coven with Misty Day and Nan.

Now it sounds like Nicks will not be part of a final battle but the end-point of the Misty Day storyline. In AHS the dark always seems to win, so maybe the white magic will be defeated. 

I'm rooting for The White Witch and Misty Day (in an alliance with Nan and Myrtle Snow).

Visualize the scene - Fiona has vanquished some new enemy in the main parlor of the school who lays dead at her feet ... then the front door flies open and there is a radiance enveloping The White Witch as she enters, flanked by Nan, Myrtle, Misty and Cordelia - a soft glow remaining about The White Witch as she faces down Fiona ... Fiona uses magic but it has no effect - The White Witch easily deflects and evaporates all attempts by Fiona to harm her and her White Coven ... 

Fiona: "Ah, you've returned to us from Fairyland I see"

WW: "Fiona, you stole this coven ... and have overstayed your welcome"

Along the walls of the parlor the portraits of the past Supreme Witches come to life - looking like those glowing projections in Disneyland's Haunted Mansion

The White Witch gestures with her hand and Fiona is levitated above the floor

Fiona: "Wha - what's happening?"

WW: "The day of reckoning is upon you Fiona. The spirits of the past Supremes join us"

Fiona seems genuinely scared and looks to the ethereal faces of the past Supremes then back to the White Witch.

A circle of flame springs up around Fiona and the floor boards fall away into a black hole of darkness - terrible sounds emerge and wispy black shadows emanate near the rim of the maw

Fiona: "You can't do this!"

WW: "You've done this to yourself, Fiona, over a lifetime. The coven is now mine - and rid of darkness ... we will dwell in the light"

Fiona is dropped into the blackness screaming and it instantly closes up to be the floor again with a pop of flame signalling the finality of the event.

WW: "Come ladies, I will find you a new home"

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