Time-travel is always a cheap gimmick in science-fiction - a way to solve plot problems, especially when it is not central to the story. Abrams' film does have good qualities and is entertaining but it is pure cornball and really disrespects the source material. From the cheap plastic sets (dome on the bridge, pool light covers as transporter pads), idiotic choices like making Engineering look like a brewery and having an endless amount of shuttle crafts and especially that stupid rock-dwarf sidekick, to the lens-flare aesthetic choice it really comes across as more of a children's movie upon repeated viewing. The most ridiculous aspect of the film is how the characters we know from previous incarnations of the story are "re-imagined" here and essentially put into the Plot Scrambler and somehow they end up sitting in the right chairs on the bridge. Rumors about as to what JJ's nest Star Trek film (now shooting) will be about: possibly a Harry Mudd story, or the end of Christopher Pike, or yet another Khan story. 



American Horror Story is genius. Wasn't drawn to it initially, then heard many good things about it and finally watched an episode and I was hooked. I haven't looked forward to watching a new episode of anything this eagerly since the first couple of seasons of BSG. Jessica Lange is a marvel, pure and simple. Watching her perform is like watching a world-class athlete - you are just baffled at how someone can perform at such a high level again and again. Lange chews up the scenery as Constance and you just wish she were in every moment of every scene she is so good. All the cast is terrific and the story is great. I think it's on Hulu. A must-see.