American Horror Story is genius. Wasn't drawn to it initially, then heard many good things about it and finally watched an episode and I was hooked. I haven't looked forward to watching a new episode of anything this eagerly since the first couple of seasons of BSG. Jessica Lange is a marvel, pure and simple. Watching her perform is like watching a world-class athlete - you are just baffled at how someone can perform at such a high level again and again. Lange chews up the scenery as Constance and you just wish she were in every moment of every scene she is so good. All the cast is terrific and the story is great. I think it's on Hulu. A must-see.


Potiphar Breen (I Think) said...

Hope this time prints out & geys posted.

While I mostly agree with you my friend, especially about the acting of a certain grande damme, I also admit to not being attracted or pulled in at first.

Then was confusescated plot and cutting inconsistencies, however deliberate, then I said to self:

Jesus Potty..."they're all frakin' dead'...and the acting of a certain leading man who remains everhandsome...is so poor, disenergetic, and so, so, so...well, tiresome.

Kate Mara is a real special gal of mine though...you too? All I can say when I saw her last shot alive was "OUCH!!!!!" Shut her up thou, like you know who didn't (he dead too most very likely)

And btw rad, I have a bonetopickwithyou...about SPOILING the MOON movie with our fav actor and what NOW is NOT a surprise plot character ending.

He's a WHAT? LOUDER, please??

Well, it's a funnybone I guess I am picking at and I don't hold it against such a connoisseur the likes of you, Sir Radii!

Sorry but the meds are just now peaking so I must go now.

I have been, and always shall be, your friend!

t.h.e. Potster

radii said...

yea! meds - modern pharmacology is a wonder of the American way

sorry about shooting the 'Moon' for you - still watchable though

-talked with a gal who works on American Horror Story and they might bring some of the original characters back here and there for season 2 (fingers crossed)