Particle-accelerators smash atoms together at very high speeds and then have monumentally sophisticated detectors read the data - quadrillions of data points could be possible and trillions of images could be taken, but millons are and then computers filter it down to a veritable handful for scientist to actually pore over and what they are looking at is trails of debris - from which they infer the composition of the debris that made it, i.e., the type of particle. In fact, all they are doing is liberating hidden mass (a term I coined in my self-published work The Fundamental Quanta c 1987). Cars smashing into one another at a stock car rally leave trails and bits of debris, and trails of debris pieces gone skipping off. This is what scientists are looking at. No doubt at even higher energies we'll find more "particles" - but so what? It still does not explain mass. I did in FQ - motion is the fundamental quanta - it has an indivisible unit size, a generally spheroid shape, and gives rise to all other forces and objects (motion is not merely an attendant property of those - it is the stuff from which they are made) ... motion held in bound states give rise to these "particles."  Higgs Boson, bah! Here's another skeptic

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