Good finale for the Season 2 closer of Game of  Thrones. After several episodes stuffing plot points into themselves like one of those dishes that stuffs a quail inside a chicken inside a duck inside a goose - the finale unfolded cleanly and we got some quality time with good characters. 

The Big Girl killed some scumbags and showed Jaime Lannister that he might be in for quite a fight if she ever goes after him one-on-one. Eery face-changer guy finally showed his true 2nd face. The blue-eyed undead are on the march, Winterfell is burnt to the ground and in a hilarious bit the buffoon Theon Greyjoy is clobbered by an Iron-born after giving a rousing speech. Poor Tyrion gets no hero's parade, no thanks even for saving Kings Landing - instead he wakes up with his large face-gash to find he's been abandoned and shunted aside. Only Lord Varys remains true (as a self-serving power-player can), as well as his lover, but Varys says he must distance himself for the time-being. 

The main takeaway for a fan who has not read the books is that the people of these novels are completely unsentimental and rather ruthless in their approach to life.  Everyone seems to be scheming about their next move and what they have to give up to survive or get power. The broad sweep of the story is still a bit overwhelming with so many characters and conflicts to follow, but it is entertaining to be sure. Our Dragon Lady Daenerys finally got some answers in the Warlock Tower (visions of possible futures and alternate realities - including a touching scene with her dead king Kahl Drogo stuck in some kind of purgatory) and she burned at least one copy of the Warlock by coaxing her little reptile children to belch fire. Over 9 months until Season 3 - yikes ... how will it be possible not to read a bit about what is to come?


Ser Potty Breen said...

Heloo friend RADII!

Your comments from last week AND today ring so true as usual, well up to the 100% agree mark with me! Outstanding.

Not having a blog myself, may I be so intrusive to add some comments and ask one big one?

Question first:

Can you help me find out who the heck burned Winterfell to the ground and killed everyone?

I thought the folks holding the Winterfell fortress under siege were Winterfell-friendly & loyal to Robb?

Indeed, were they not sent by him as we all heard last week King in the North Robb sending one of his loyal lieutenants' BASTARD son(s) (too many bastards in by book spoil the stew, er plot at times)to kick Theon's arse and capture him alive?

So: why would the siegers from Winterfell let Winterfell be destroyed by 20 sea scumbag pirates and let them escape with Theon?

Makes no sense at all does it?

So who did the burning & looting?

What did I miss RADII?

ALSO on another BETTER NOTE:

RADII, I must say at times that beauty is not always found in Southern CA. playbooks or portfolios , actress-wise.

May I state here for the record:

It's good (Robbs new queen) to be the KING (little shit Joffery's NEW QUEEN)!!

Both gorgeous and with raw naked beauty to the extreme, but I also am enraptured by the north woman Wilding who is now in charge of the Stark little boys and am just DYING to see the 'Redhead of the North' get her winter clothes off when she gets close to...you guessed it...the OTHER Bastard of the North.


Sorry for the last rant my Friend from the South.

- Ser Potty

radii said...

yes, zombies are getting to be old news - real bath-salt-induced-face-eaters or fictional - just too many ... I read ahead a teeny bit of the outlines of George RR Martin next books in the Ice and Fire series and it is looking to me like he gets caught up in his story manuscripts (that he spends years on per volume) and may not actually know how he wants it to end - he threw zombies in the mix without a grand plan maybe ... I figured, form the start, that the ice people of the north would battle the dragon fire people of the south and all these ambitious kingdoms and power-seeking leaders would be shunted aside ... yes, there are some female stunners on the show - too bad there wasn't a part for the buxom Botticelli-esque Polly Walker wasn't doable ... I think the actress playing Daenerys is the most beautiful of them all (but I looked up her IMDB and her natural dark hair color leaves her looking bland and unremarkable - it is the light hair which makes her a stunner) ... I get the impression the 20 dirty thugs from Pyke burned Winterfell after clobbering the mouthy Theon Greyjoy and did so from the inside before fleeing the Winterfell loyalists laying siege to the castle from outside

radii said...


Here's the one that baffled me: Stannis loses badly in the assault on King's Landing but somehow turns up in his own home (castle?) at his own carved Ruler's Table with the Red Witch Woman to stare into a fire ... how did he avoid capture at King's Landing and how did he get back to his home? I guess it is in the books (probably for 200 pages)

Ser Potty said...

I just lost a long post AGAIN Radii and am too tired to type it again right now...Browser wouldn't accept my preview and when I went back to the comment I just wrote, it was lone.

Tell your webmaster. I use Firefox updated normally.


Ser Potty out.

radii said...

sorry you lost your text - eblogger handles it all automatically ... from now on try opening a simple text file and write there then cut and paste it to the comments window (I do this for long stuff) then you don't lose it if something goes wrong with comment system