Thank you 20th Century Fox for continuing the modern tradition of giving away nearly every plot point and action sequence in the trailers for your films the way the rest of Hollywood does, this time for  for the upcoming Prometheus. The latest trailer is killing yet more mystery about the story and even gives us the pre-human-contact version of the Face-Huggers - they're more like worms or eels with flanges that will evolve into fingers by the time Ripley and crew find them 99 years later. The Face-Hugger-EelWorm is kinda cute - see my version?


Potiphar Breen said...

That new international trailer is the best one radii...and now we know most of the storyline but some movies have a quality that - even knowing most of the plot - ya just have to see!

I knew nothing of the 'cobra' until your post, and that doesn't bother me nor surprise me as after the first Alien there have been tweaks and morphs and different abilities afforded to the viewer...some big changes, some minute.

Anyways, I loved your GEICO GECKO COBRA!

But I did want to put another spoiler in - call it my version of a pre-ending here - on the getting to be so tedious "Walking Dead" if I may.

My version - dare I call it a prediction - is that, since the group has ALL been exposed to the zombie disease (per the CDC doc who whispered it into that ear, AND therefore each is incubating at a different rate as humans do real diseases, a slam-bang ending, done right, would be:

POV - Camera: panning low to high behind our final Group of survivors (after all of the plot lengthening shenanigans and episodic subtexts have been exposed or resolved)...walking wearily towards the final place of refuge they fought so hard to get to.

POV - camera/crane high: reveals the army base with armed folks behind a welcoming yet sturdy gate ala the Road Warrior/Mad Max.

A shot rings out...one of our group - dosen't matter who - gets hit in the head.

POV - Camera does a 360 around the group...they all look like zombies now as they have so slowly become zombies and they didn't realize it.

They each gets shot in the head, slo-mo, any other directorial effect can be added here - and our hero, the last man standing, literally - shows the audience...

Extreme close up - our Hero's face: A single falling large tear, a look of incredible sadness & resignation on the face showing a last-trace-of-aliveness before the human lights go out...

Cut to Black Screen (yeah like SOPRANOS without music) and a single gunshot is heard.

Roll credits

Well radii, you get the gist of it...they all are dieing slowly is the big surprise ending AND however it's done could redeem the whole series slogging along tone, at least for me, if done right.



radii said...

Your Walking Dead ending would also be an homage to Romero's original - to do it perfectly the black guy would have to die last of course (any black guys they haven't offed yet still in the cast?)

Having a huge laugh right now on late-night TV - guilty pleasure Seed of Chucky with Jennifer Tilly - this movie and Bride of Chucky are camp classics