Tonight's return of AMC's Walking Dead had a scene near the beginning where our intrepid band of survivors decide to leave Atlanta for the highway and a military base. Of course a radiator blows on one of the vehicles and they become trapped by a hoard of zombies walking past - that don't seem to smell them or sense their heat. Move along, nothing to eat here. Then, in an even stupider turn of events our cop hero chases after the two zombies who've flushed the innocent little girl out from under a car and the run and run through the woods and rather than just pop off two heads shots with his gun and be done with it, he hides the little girl in a hole by the creek ... an alligator den? ... a zombie corpse hole? No such luck in this series without irony or humor, the little girl escapes unharmed when it would have been so much more satisfying for smarty-pants cop to stuff her in a zombie feast-cave or have some raccoons eat her, or for the zombies to catch her and tear her apart for snacks. Aw, now it's Little Girl Lost.  And why didn't he use his gun? (and he lost his rifle chasing after her) ... so a fake speaker-stone was used to smash in the zombie extras' heads. After the commercial break we'll see if they are now lost on their own - a little side-plot, or if they merrily skip through the forest back to the road and their companions - oh, a worse plot gimmick - she's wandered off on her own and now they must search for her while avoiding zombies. Meanwhile, a screwdriver to the eye of one zombie and some other close zombie kills don't seem to get dangerous zombie splatter on anyone - or it is harmless because our characters aren't afraid of it. This is one dumb show.


Potiphar Breen said...

All of what you say is 100% true friend radii.

I add my angst to include the really needless stupid aftershow replete with meaningless placeholder interviews and commentaries that are so damn blah and defines the term ‘meh.'

An overlong 1.5 hr. episode is so Frank Darabont-ish unentertaining or rather disappointing if you want to be charitable; 100% predictable and painful to watch.

It's so formula derivative; even the new attempts at zombie human interaction are not nearly so cleaver. As far as the actors go, the included onscreen folks are ALL token minority* stereotypes played by uninteresting actors** reciting hackneyed plotlines photographed in 16 mm ever so leisurely. Good camera angles and zombie makeup are all that saves the show from me turning to watch the Fashion police rerun. Barely.

Compare this waste of time to almost ANY EPISODE of "Breaking Bad."

(I especially liked the episode where Gus offs the cartel leaders - all brilliantly photographed, paced, and acted).

Can anything save this series radii? Ya think?

* I was surprised to learn in the aftershow outtakes that the lead character southern-drawled ‘Rick' was played by an English actor, hearing him speak God's own mother tongued English!

** except for Laurie Holden who I am so much in love with and always will be. Sweet.

radii said...

if the show had a sense of humor they would use that crawling half-lady zombie as a running chorus - just cut to her crawling and dub some lines in her mouth "You won't want to miss the second half of this episode" "KFC bucket-o-wings are half-off" "Have you seen my kitty-cat?" baddump-bump

radii said...

Oh, I forgot to mention I saw a pretty good zombie movie on AMC by George Romero - Survival of the Dead - which had this whole Irish fued subplot - entertaining with the right dose of camp (all zombie movies need camp)