Sweet gal. Stopped by my work the other day. We didn't realize it was her until she was gone. Pretty as ever.


Potiphar Breen said...

Hey Radii...I have been trying to post like for the past 5 months and nothing gets trhrogh!

You blog site takes my messages but never displays them nor does it bounce back any screens or coded indicating my message wasn't accepted!

I'm gonna try this now on a different angle and really different browser.

Keeping my fingers crossed pal!

Potiphar Breen said...


radii said...


Ah, good to hear from you again ... I was wondering if you were incommunicado on a foreign trip in the Peruvian Andes or something ...

Sorry there were tech difficulties - I had no idea ...

Hoping some of these summer blockbusters won't be terrible: Cowboys n Aliens, Thor, Green Lantern, etc. ... pretty weak year for film so far

Potiphar Breen said...


Hello my good friend, Some thoughts that never made it to you:

KANDYSE MCLURE is a babe and your ‘sweet girl’ comment is spot-on apropos.

As for the movies past…

Skyline: was all to short but had great fx and set up for a sequel that we prolly won’t see…good aliens and alien action cgi;

Invasion Los Angeles: absolute waste of time, effort, money: BORING, politically correct claptrap…UNINTERESTING on all levels;

Splice: short movie that’s a bit interesting, too Canadian and confining, actors could have been better chosen and deployed;

On Sidney Lumet: My faves are FAIL-SAFE and MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS for possibly 2 of the best examples of period-correct ensemble casting-noir;

Summer coming:

Cowboys and Aliens looks interesting and fun…a new premise not touched upon (aliens in the old west? ) Brilliant idea and great actors and the trailer is spot-on interesting. Thank gods they didn’t make it as an animated cartoon in 3-D.

Thor, Green Lantern: Are you kidding? Barfola...Ditto Capt. America from what I hear so far...

TV series: Falling Skies…looks good and pretty competent, gotta be better than the new “V” which I just couldn’t watch (I could just have watched All My Children soap for the same plot crap) But NOAH WYLE? EUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.
Send him back to be THE LIBRARIAN saga.

Gots ta go now; later amigo,



Here’s a treat for you to peruse, since your tastes seem to be as eclectic and collinear as mine:



radii said...

PJ Soles Robert Romanus AND Larry B Scott !? How could I have missed it!?

Yeah, wish I'd seen Skyline, looked a lot better than Battle Los Angeles which was indeed terrible ... rewatched District 9 again recently and that holds up - good film - looking forward to District 10

FAIL-SAFE was terrific, saw it so long ago ...

I work at a place a lot of actors, musicians, etc. frequent so I've gotten to meet movie Thor,his real-life brother and the Seeker (and Geena Davis - who does not need that lip-filler stuff) ...

gonna finally watch The Fountain - will love it or hate it probably - doubt it'll be an inbetween reaction