Caprica is mercifully cancelled by the Sharktopus Network (nee SyFy), and instead they'll try to squeeze some more Cylon juice out of yet another incarnation of BSG - this time called Blood & Chrome, which will be about the young William Adama and his part in the first Cylon war. We'll know immediately if SyFy and David Eick (producer on BSG 2.0 in 2003 and showrunner for B&C) intend to screw up the new version if they fail to cast the same actor as Husker Adama. Here is Eick in his own words ... Ah, if only they'd skipped Bionic Woman reboot, Caprica, and instead focused on a 5-year story arc for BSG 2.0, we could have had a satisfying ending with no Ellen as the 5th, no "Daniel," no angels, and no "250 thousand years ago."


Potiphar Breen said...

I thought as much Radii.

"Blood & Chrome" sounds like a perfect title for a superstars of wrestling sudden death cage match.

I'm telling you, that woman studio head who isn't with Sy Fy anymore sent everything down the crapper there.

I just picked up on the new Brit version of Sherlock (Holmes) on PBS and it was absolutely SUPURB if you like great Anglo adventure/drama/mystery stuff.

It twas great and now - hooked, I am. It's that good Radii.

Sy Fy is now a waste of programming: any and all.

Thanks for the cancellation update Radii!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I too caught the new PBS 'Sherlock' and it is superb ... I had dismissed it out-of-hand, not believing it could be updated to modern times and then caught it late-late on telly the other night - just terrific ... and I thought Jeremy Brett's PBS Sherlock Holmes would be the only one I'd ever like

- radii