SyFy had a marathon of the old classic The Invaders the other day. Forgot what a terrific show that was. Tight story, good guest stars, knew what it set out to do.


Potiphar Breen said...

A refreshing blast from the past!

radii said...

Potiphar ... you have a website or blog, yes?

Please share

Potiphar Breen said...

Sometimes I wish I did radii...

Now it's just me and an opinion which leaps out whenever.

I do enjoy yours, though; very much.

radii said...


I wish you had a web presence somewhere - you're a terrific writer

Are you published? I've become a fan of yours

(apologies to other readers for the favoratism and shameless backslapping)

Potiphar Breen said...

Thanks ever so much radii...I am blushing.

Been a horror/sci-fi fan since I was a little kid. Moved to L.A. years ago and hob-knobbed with a few well-known movie individuals...have a few interesting stories too.

Toying around with a developing screenplay not nearly ready for viewing (or hardly discussing at this early stage) with a anti-terrorist combatant-political-ish treatment.

I blog and research quite a bit on a few select UFO sites (I am a realist researcher, neither a believer nor debunker) and noticed there is also a "radii" posting thereabouts also...any relation to you perhaps?

As for CAPRICA, I have been watching it for overt shows, obscure tells, and general qualities or flaws.

I have been impressed so far as it is rather a completely different animal than the re-imagined BSG but nonetheless has some of it's greatest production qualities which is a good thing.

Perhaps it's my having a teenager at home that allows my personal draw into the plot arc that drives some others nuts: teenager angst or even anomie, combined with the technical capabilities we are so very close to developing ourselves.

Now if Ron Moore is able to inventively link the INFINITY ONE GOD religion to the actual angels that screwed up the BSG story arc and finale - which I would attempt to do in if I were scriptwriting - and keep up the character development and overall momentum - then that would be something Moore could be proud of.

Happened before...happened again?


radii said...

I agree with you on the infinity one god and the angels from BSG - they have to tie it together at some point for the overall story to have any logic and I do like the look of the show - reminds me a bit of Baltar's home is some scenes ... but so far I just can't get past the Cylon 'brain' is a teenage girl.

I have a UFO blog I call UFO Logical Conclusions in which I just try to distill down what we know and what we can logically conclude (I figure aliens are out there but if they want to interact with us they'll let us know openly not just explode some cows) www.ufologicalconclusions.blogspot.com

A close family member of mine also worked in the entertainment biz for a long time (music side) so I've got some stories too - got to visit the Babylon 5 set in its last year and meet J Michael Straczynski ... most interesting moment was at the lunch table outside (studio was in an industrial area near Burbank airport) and a plane flew overhead and Bruce Boxleitner jumped from his chair like the plane was going to hit him (I was thinking he did too much acid in the 60s)