Thanks for continuing to visit even though the show's over. I am so lazy. I should be finishing the Battlestar: Variant 1 fan fiction but I'm procrastinating (but wait till you read how I kill Athena) ... I recommend the following as brilliant entertainment now that there is no more Battlestar to watch: Superjail, Xavier: Renegade Angel, Moral Orel and of course Robot Chicken



Hi kids, I've kind of lost interest in this blog now that the show's over ... Caprica looks meh to me. I am still working on the fiction for the Battlestar: Variant 1 site (linked upper right) and will give you that better ending - 0oh, the things I have planned ... but for Battlestar stuff I suggest hanging out at Galactica Sitrep



Now that the show is over most visitors will probably be shiny new visitors who stumbled upon the site or had it referred to them. Galactica Variants chronicled and critiqued the show from early 2007 on ... you'll find reviews, criticism, and theory here ... and some fun images. In the blogosphere I was probably considered one of the show's harshest critics. BSG gave us excellence I grew to expect, but by the midpoint of Season 3 things were going awry and Season 4 wasn't as good as earlier seasons then Season 4.5 was pretty terrible and the two-part finale simply awful. If you're new to the show, you might want to quit watching at the end of Season 3 or the mid Season 4 episode Revelations.