Now that the show is over most visitors will probably be shiny new visitors who stumbled upon the site or had it referred to them. Galactica Variants chronicled and critiqued the show from early 2007 on ... you'll find reviews, criticism, and theory here ... and some fun images. In the blogosphere I was probably considered one of the show's harshest critics. BSG gave us excellence I grew to expect, but by the midpoint of Season 3 things were going awry and Season 4 wasn't as good as earlier seasons then Season 4.5 was pretty terrible and the two-part finale simply awful. If you're new to the show, you might want to quit watching at the end of Season 3 or the mid Season 4 episode Revelations.


Potiphar Breen said...

Hey Radii,

I posted this over on your Variants page but it bears repeating here I believe.


Great work Radii but I have questions.

On your Variant 1 page you have a set of episodes and links and much information.


- How should someone go about reading these for maximum effectiveness as intended?

- Do you begin reading simply in scrolling order, from top to bottom?

- Should one read up on the regular episode(s) to prepare for the new content?

- RE: those frequent updates where you say "Update: New Material Coming Soon" - how to effectively read them for plot continuity purposes?

I know this is a simple question set that should be obvious and I prolly should know the answers, but I respect you for your creativity and believe you, as the author, have ‘A Plan' for maximum effectiveness and our enjoyment. The opposite of Moore's disjointed viewer nonsatisfaction coda, as it were.

Forgive the simplicity of my thoughts, Radii.

radii said...


On the Variant 1 fiction site each post is the beginning of each 'episode' and you click on the Read More jump for the rest of the story.

Because I'm really lazy and cleaning up Moore's mess of a story has been quite a chore, I haven't committed all the material to the keyboard and hence posted the updates yet (the story is finished in my head), so so far only ep 1 (Alpha Omega) is finished, ep 2 (Doomed Lovers)is 95% done (some minor non-plot tweaks are coming), and ep 3 (Man Machine) is about 20% posted.

Sorry for the delay.

I tend to do things in waves, so when I do finally post the updates, there should be a lot of new material which I will highlight.


Oh, and I don't have quite the happy ending for Hera that Moore had

radii said...

I see I didn't answer your questions:

Scroll top-to-bottom - neon-green text will highlight the jump and also new material

My version picks up at the end of Revelations

Anonymous said...

I for one have thoroughly enjoyed your analysis of this once-promising show that unravelled into a bloody mess.

radii said...


If I knew your address I'd send you ten dollars


Potiphar Breen said...

Hey Radii:

RE: Mailing $10

Where can one buy BSG-style envelopes and 'forever' postage stamps?

Just like plot development, the corners are cut all around.

Try peeling a stamp off by lifting up on its corner...hahahah!

radii said...


"Just like plot development, the corners are cut all around.

And the stamps feature Kara - early Kara, Macho Kara, Sensitive Kara, Slutty Kara, Drinking Kara, Pilot Kara, Dead Kara, angel Kara

... but the price is variable

Potiphar Breen said...

Then again, Radii...

Reminds me of the old joke, updated for BSG:


"Why doesn't the post office issue any Ron D. Moore stamps?"


"Because people would keep spitting on the wrong side!"

(I know...I know...)

Anonymous said...

Anyone here watch Caprica yet? Review forthcoming?

radii said...

They're selling the DVD first I think or when it airs - doesn't look so terrific to me ... think I'd rather watch reruns of Total Recall 2070

Potiphar Breen said...

Radii, you said " ... think I'd rather watch reruns of Total Recall 2070."

That was totally cruel and uncalled for, Dude!