I enjoyed Season 1 of Heroes but it just became incomprehensible and downright ridiculous as Seasons 2 and 3 unfolded ... there were so many new characters, time switch-backs, subplots, secret organizations and double-crosses that it just became laughable. After most episodes you found yourself going "who cares!?" Thankfully the powers-that-be seemed to find the edit button and have pared Season 4 down to size and returned the focus back to the original story (using a time-travel plot device and an interesting new Baltar-like hero/villain) ... and the show holds your interest again with Sylar the dark villain once more. If they would only write Claire's father's character out of the show! [And if they could move the scenes along more quickly - gads between commercials very little seems to happen]


Potiphar Breen said...

Hey radii,

I agree with you on the current HEROES with the excellent Robert Knepper similar to Baltar-ish. Reminds me of the excellent atmospheric Carnivale on HBO.

On Stargate Universe, however, the talented Robert Carlyle & character has been diminished with the comedic fat-boy actor from Long Island throwing everything...off.

That was/is my problem with all those Sci Fi channel programs: needless humor and jovial scepticism producing out-of-place and totally unnecessary comedic relief.

Not at all apropos for science fiction IMHO unless judicially and artfully applied (like in Alien the rejoinders between Brett and Parker specially around the meal table and all throughout SERENITY/FireFly).

And V was about as expected but a tad too so soap-ish with the standard hacked rebelling youth love/lust/teen coming of age on the wrong side plot device.

Oh well, no angels yet (But they are rerunning HBO's Angels in America if anyone misses those creatures).

radii said...

Yeah, I think they must have a formula over at SciFi/SyFy headquarters - the ad and marketing people sit there and go over their demographic targets and then Bonnie Hammer brings down her corporate hammer to compel the shows to include that distracting snarky Gen-Xish faux hip irony and banter - blecchhh

Never did see Angels In America but I am re-watching I, Claudius for the umpteenth time (what a collection of amazing actors)

Andrew said...

i think you'll enjoy this little gem i found on youtube, there are two equally funny companion peices