[*spoilers* ... you've been warned] The San Diego Comic Con has loosened lips and provided a venue for a 4.5 trailer to tease the fans - yet also provides a treasure-trove of clues for the sleuths. When Battlestar returns in January with Sometimes a Great Notion, the body count begins, and tragically with D'Anna. Actor Lucy Lawless only filmed three episodes and this will be her last so what else can be her fate? It looks like a pine box for D'Anna this time. Regrettable to the extreme - hers is one of the 3 best characters, and my favorite [pun intended]. Or, Juicy Lucy is left behind and Wall-E isn't the only robot abandoned on Earth. Evidently Lee has a fall from grace somehow (even ending up in the brig) and Zarek is made president (my guess is a coup d'├ętat), and dies. He ups the body count before he checks out though, sounds like. I'm worried this is a cheap bait-and-switch regarding the "dying leader" aspect to the story. Baltar comes to "surprising" resolution with his female cult [What, we finally get a gay character? There was that whisper between Baltar and Gaeta before the trial, but were there cries as well on New Caprica?]. And Adama is blindfolded in an airlock and questioned by Roslin, "Are you a Cylon?" [Oh dear. Did I just get punched in the stomach?]


Anonymous said...

Is this new trailer posted somewhere?

radii said...

Not yet that I'm aware - but no doubt somebody imaged it with their phone and/or Sci-Fi will release it

angela said...

hers is one of the 3 best characters, and my favorite [pun intended].

Ohhh me too.

The DAnnaGreyEyes.JPG screen capture is just too amazing.