Final Cylon: Dangling Threads and Loose Ends

The Last Supper image has been altered (on the Sci-Fi.com/Battlestar website). The burning pot of Kamala (or whatever it is) is now extinguished and out of view (if you really look you can still see the outline of the container - it's just been color-matched to her suit).

In releasing the Last Supper image, show creator Ron Moore teased, "It's all right there," and what we see are two factions - one with the Colony Bible closed and the other with the Bible open.So it looks as if Roslin/Natalie/Tigh compose one faction who have closed the book on the Old Gods, and Adama/Athena-Sharon/Helo composing the other faction - and still believing in the Old Gods. Lee and Tyrol seem the Odd Men Out, and the couples - Baltar/Caprica Six and Kara/Anders - are in the middle, perhaps literally as well as figuratively.

Gaeta was my number 3 pick for the Final Cylon (see Last Supper post below), and after Guess What's Coming to Dinner, I think Baltar has been knocked out of contention for the job. And possibly Roslin as well - they probably cancel each other out. Those two were my first and second choices (see post at bottom of page). What they have in common is they share the vision of the Opera House, so even if they are human they are humans gifted with divine insight. And how can one be the Final Cylon and the other not? Baltar has Head-Six and now Head-Baltar and Roslin has felt Cylon attacks before they happened, twice. Gaeta has been in the thick of the action all along, and has been associated with the top person in power (Adama on Galactica and Baltar on New Caprica) - and he made short work of building those networked-computer firewalls against Cylon intrusion way back when.

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