Been re-watching all of LEXX ... amazing how insanely creative that show was and what they were able to achieve with a limited budget. So wonderful how the throughline of the story has a such a resonant and poignant payoff in the final episode ... and along the way they spoof Star Trek, The Wizard of Oz, Brigadoon, Dracula, Survivor, survivalists, Apocalypse Now, internet porn, and so much more ... just genius.  



The extended trailer doesn't have a whole lot more than what's been in the two shorter trailers: It starts off like a car commercial, then they go to Professor X's School for Mutants (oh it's a hospital), some nobodies give a white rabbit stuffed animal to a sick kid ... Cumber's Batch appears and says "I can save her" ... natives chase Kirk and McCoy on the Red Plant planet ... Kirk shoots another dumb-looking CGI creature left over from Lucasfilm and the phaser sounds like a Photon Torpedo (garage-spring clang) ... lots of fake drama: Sulu "We can't take this heat" - then why are you piloting a shuttle craft into a volcano? ... more of the nauseating Uhura-Spock kissy-kissy ... lousy pilot (remember the parking brake?) Sulu clips some rocks and has to dump Spock - who somehow doesn't break all his ribs and legs falling that far ... Sulu and Uhura ditch the shuttle (why didn't they just use a transporter in the first place? ... oh that's right, JJ Abrams' lazy writing is mistaken as drama) ... Kirk and McCoy jump off a cliff and swim like dolphins to the submerged Enterprise (no, really) ... Scotty is now wearing red and we are told the "salt-water is not good for the engines" (oh, dear) ... Spock sets up some overly-complicated volcano-neutralizing device on a rock in the middle of a lake of magma (again, couldn't use transporter to put it there?) ... In sleek but overly decorative Speedo unitards Kirk, McCoy and Uhura are all now back on the bridge and going to save Spock - lots of shouting ... cut back to Spock having a Volcano-gasm ... cut to snippets of what we've seen in the other trailers



The latest PR for Star Trek (Into Darkness -blechh) is that a glorified extra from the original series (TOS as the die-hards call it) is the new villain. Some think it is a fake-out that it is Khan masquerading as this guy. Lame choice either way. Garth would be a better pick than Khan or this guy Harrison. JJ Abrams is pissing all over the glory that was TOS. Oh, Kirk, look out behind you - giant unnecessary hole in floor.



Been watching the series again - the mini to midway through Season 2 and it really is a travesty that the superb work done by so many of the actors on the show was never formally acknowledged by the industry. Mary McDonnell should have won at least a couple of SAG/Emmy/Golden Globes and Katee Sackhoff and Tricia Helfer should have won at least one or two as well. James Callis and Michael Hogan in the men's dept. should have at least been nominated. Honorable mention to Lucy Lawless. Such a treasure this show (at least through Season 3).