Now that JJ Abrams is off to do Star Wars he will be released from doing a third Star Trek if we're lucky. It is doubtful Paramount (Viacom) will still want him on their franchise while he's off at Disney doing Episode VII. I can't stand what  JJ has done to Star Trek - basically I think he's pissed all over it with his stupid variations on the characters, poor writing (Plot Scrambler puts people in the right chairs), and lousy visual choices. Further, he made it for kids, very dumbed-down and with a tentative Kirk and that ridiculous Spock-Uhura relationship.  I couldn't care less what he does with Star Wars. As far as I'm concerned there is only one great Star Wars film (the first) and another that is very good (Empire Strikes Back) - all the others are forgettable (with the exception of the scene of a legless Anakin struggling as he burns next to a river of lava).

 Hey Paramount, hire Dean Parisot for the next Star Trek - he's made the 2nd best Trek movie already (GalaxyQuest). 

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