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Are they pulling BSG type clues? Have our LOST characters divided into Black Rock and White Rock camps? I don't see Richard. I don't see Jin. Charlotte end
s up evil? No Claire. I figured Desmond and Faraday would be back, but not that Miles would survive to the end.

Or, if we go by the backgrounds, then the LO people get to go back to the big city and the ST people stay behind - with Locke the new Man In Black and Sawyer our new Jacob. Sayid gets to live? Ben leaves the island? Hmmm. Hmmmmmm. For whatever it's worth the
numbers on the left add up to 89 (Sayid-16, Jack-23, Sun-42, Hurley-8) and those on the right 19 (Locke-4, Sawyer-15) - totaling 108 of course (I know, Kate ... see below). We're talking active numbers - not those people who have had their numbers crossed out (like Ben) on the lighthouse gear.

Well if the BSG Last Supper pic was so simple as to be left-to-right L (Laura) N (Natalie) Tigh to reveal the final cylon as represented by the missing person behind the Grail cup (ELlen Tigh), then maybe the new LOST poster is just as simple ... B S K J S H D (if we add numbers based on the alphabet of the initials to the characters' names = 73) ... L C S J F M (adding = 61) ... 73 - 63 = 10, or 73 + 63 = 136, or 73 X 63 = 4599 ... or, er, maybe not

Now, upon closer inspection (namely at this website ... great close-ups) it appears Kate too has a number - as shown on the lighthouse panel, and it is 51 ... that revises the number to 159 if we add her to the others composing 108, and there goes our Valenzetti equation - so maybe Kate saves the world?

In an earlier post I pointed out that Jack's number, 23, is the only prime number among those left and it should be noted that 1-5-9 are the next sequence of
three digits that follow 3.14 in pi (3.14159265358979323846 .... ). 159 is also a Woodall Number ... but what is of note is that Woodall numbers are conjectured to be composites (nearly all). Kate (51) surviving might tip the balance from the 108 of the Valenzetti end-of-the-world timeline to a reset state due to her compositing her number with the others'. Here's Wikipedia on the number 159 (are you reading Larissa?)

So Kate will tip the balance somehow (the bad girl made good) to fracture the Valenzetti equation and save the world - with Locke the new MIB and Sawyer the new Jacob on the island, with Faraday forever hitting that reset switch?


Potiphar Breen said...


My brain is starting to hurt, Radii!

I see you've been collating a whole bunch too.

So you really think Kate will have an "I DUDDITS!" moment?

Didn't the producers say somewhere along the line that we viewers already saw the answer to the LOST saga but we just didn't know what we were looking at? I'm pretty sure.

I'm still wondering if will we all be satisfied at the final episode, or just some of us, or none of us?

Crapshoot, anyone?

radii said...

I'm just havin' fun here and am along for the ride - I was frankly shocked at how good an ep Ab Ataerno was and how amazing Nestor Carbonell's performance was ... I really don't expect any of the remaining eps to reach that height ... although I am prepared to be pleasantly surprised

Potiphar Breen said...

RE: "The Package"

Radii, I need to vent here, so please forgive...

What a very BSG style wasteful crappy episode after the superb AB AETERNO!

First time this season I channel-surfed without guilt during the hour.

I am not racist, but the SUN/JIN forbidden love storyline and backstory are boring, boring, and boring.

And what was the PACKAGE really? Just Desmond?

So the Man in Black can't cross the ashes of another candidate OR a sonic fence...what kind of rules are those...and now he needs what a total of some 13 or 14 volunteers to leave the island with?

'All this has happened before and will happen again' seems so appro for some strange reason, like a bad taste in the back of my mouth.

radii said...

Yeah ... The Package was a set-up ep with little that advanced the story ... I too find the Sun/Jin story arc rather sleep-inducing